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Peeler Tri-Blade


One peeler three blades! Julienne / firm veggies and soft. The blades nest inside the handle for  [more]

PRICE         $19.99 CDN

PREPARA - Peeler Tri-Blade


Trivet Expandable WMF


This stainless steel trivet expands from a compact 21.5CM / 8.5IN to 56CM / 22IN when fully open.  [more]

PRICE         $59.99 CDN

WMF - Trivet Expandable WMF

Splatter Guard 13IN w/Feet


Perfect for skillets or sauté pans. Extrafine mesh and stainless-steel construction. Dishwasher  [more]

PRICE         $28.99 CDN

 - Splatter Guard 13IN w/Feet

Pot Clip S/S Each


This innovative kitchen gadget clips onto the edge of a pot and holds utensils. Quality stainless  [more]

PRICE         $8.99 CDN

 - Pot Clip S/S Each

Cutting Board Set Index Silver


Index is an award-winning chopping board categorization system. It's comprised of a stylish storage  [more]

PRICE         $89.99 CDN

 - Cutting Board Set Index Silver

Steamer Collapsible 9IN S/S


Try steam cooking fresh vegetables to enhance their flavor and to preserve nutrients. The Steamer  [more]

PRICE         $11.99 CDN

 - Steamer Collapsible 9IN S/S

Foodloop Turkey Silicone


The first heat resistant silicone lacing tool designed to replace kitchen string and sewing  [more]

PRICE         $12.99 CDN

 - Foodloop Turkey Silicone

Poach Pods Silicone


The Poachpod is a flexible silicone cooking tool for poaching eggs / baking and molding. Poachpods  [more]

PRICE         $14.99 CDN

 - Poach Pods Silicone

Peeler Scalpel Each


SCALPEL. New proprietary technology from Switzerland has given our Swiss Classic peelers a few new  [more]

PRICE         $4.99 CDN

 - Peeler Scalpel Each

Oven Mitts FLXaPrene 11IN Reg


FLXaPrene kitchen gloves offer excellent flexibility and comfortable. They're heat resistant up to  [more]

PRICE         $39.99 CDN

 - Oven Mitts FLXaPrene 11IN Reg
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